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Floor Spring

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Doors play a significant role in maintaining privacy and providing security to a home. But to enjoy the security and privacy doors provide you need to invest in the best door closer. The door closer is of different types and installing a proper door closer gives you a feeling of elegance and neat look.

Floor spring is a type of door closer that you should consider getting a finished look. This article discusses the meaning of floor spring door closer, how it works? And factors to consider when buying a floor spring door closer. Buy Best floor spring Online, floor spring door closer and hafele floor springgeze floor spring with ebco floor spring.

Meaning of Floor Spring

Floor spring is a mechanical door closing device. It can also be called a hydraulic floor spring door closer as it makes the closing of doors easy. Floor springs are preferred over standard door closer; they are adjustable and suitable for all variety of doors.

Floor springs are mainly installed with glass doors with patch fitting. The best part of the floor springs door closer is that they work well with heavy-duty doors. Commercial and industrial doors are heavier and installing floor springs makes operating heavy doors convenient.

Working on Floor Spring

The working on a floor spring is very simple. It follows a mechanism known as CAM. The principle behind the working of floor spring is storing and releasing of energy by slowly reducing the force of the oil in compression.

Advantages of Installing Floor Spring

It is true that floor springs are expensive and need the expertise to install it properly. But installing floor springs has advantages. Important benefits of using a floor spring are as follows:

  • Floor spring door provide a concealed look, it is aesthetically appreciated by people over standard door closer. Floor springs are embedded into the floor and only a small part of it is visible and covered by a plate giving you a clean look
  • Glass door floor spring complements the clean and neat look of a door.
  • Floor spring machines can be used with any type of flooring structure.
  • Floor spring is readily available in the market. It is available in different size and height, various companies manufacture it. Godrej floor spring and Hafele floor spring are some of the best brands available in the market.
  • Floor springs are adaptable with doors of any kind; single door, double doors, interior doors or exterior doors. Floor springs are an effective door closer that works well with heavy and large doors –especially with the ones that are as tall as a ceiling.

Floor Spring Door Closer Buying Guide

This part of the article talks about important factors to consider for buying floor spring.

  • To buy floor spring the first factor to consider is door width and height. Measure the width and the height of the door to know the size of the floor spring you need to buy.
  • As mentioned earlier in the article floor springs are suitable for both interior and exterior doors. But depending on where the door is installed an external door needs to stay closed or left open. So it is important to consider the situation and place of the door when buying a floor spring. Pick a floor spring that meets the purpose of the door.
  • The next factor you need to consider when buying a floor spring online is the traffic flow. Pick overhead door closer for places where the traffic flow is high as they last long.
  • The last factor to consider when purchasing a floor spring is deciding how much money you are willing to spend on it. Floor springs are economical, for example, ozone floor spring is of good quality and ozone glass door floor spring price starts from 6000 rupees per piece for stainless material.

List of Companies that Offer Floor Spring

The below-mentioned list of companies is of no particular order. These are some of the top companies that provide quality floor springs.

  • Godrej: it is a well-known company among customers. It is well – known for a locking system that provides multiple security levels. Godrej floor spring price list ranges from 3000/set to 6000/set.
  • Dorma floor spring: It is highly adaptable for all single standard doors; the Dorma floor spring price depends on the material. Stainless steel is durable and a little expensive.
  • Enox floor spring: it is suitable for glass, wood and aluminum doors. Enox floor spring price is around 6000 grand per piece. Enox is suitable as floor spring for wooden doors.
  • Hardwyn Floor spring: is best in design and convenience. Hardwyn floor spring price is economical as it uses aluminum alloy as raw material.
  • Hemco floor spring: is India’s first seller of quality rectangle shape floor spring.

In conclusion:

Floor springs have proven to be best for closing doors effectively. They provide a clean finish to the door and makes closing easy. Price of a floor spring not very expensive, a glass door floor spring price depends on several factors like size, make, and model.

Floor Spring Price

Floor SpringPrices
Godrej D100 Floor Spring - 1100 Mm Width (100 Kg)
Rs. 5,393
Ozone Cam Action Floor Spring with Closing Force
Rs. 7,747
Ozone Single Cylinder Floor Spring for Small Glass Doors (EN 3)
Rs. 3,988

Ozone Single Cylinder Floor Spring for Wood/Aluminium/Glass Door

Rs. 2,838
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