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Best Buy Offer On Shower Cubicle Handles Available on McCoy Mart

Gone are the days when the fact of shower door handles was non-existent. They are now no more restricted to only the entree and exit passages, but even the shower rooms are now equipped with one and their designs and finish talk a different story about them.

While settling on it is still manageable, deciding the shower cubicle handle might seems like a tricky situation. There is a pool of options when it comes to the grips, and choosing only one that would be ideal for you can be super-confusing. But you do not need to worry because we are here to help you out of the dilemma. Before we jump in, let us first explore some of the factors that we must consider.

Factors to Consider

Certain factors must be considered if you want to choose the best Shower cubicle door handles for your shower room. Without considering these factors, your investment might seem to be in vain after a while.

  • Material - Choosing the right material makes a lot of difference. If it is made up of iron, then it will be quite heavy to access. While, in the case of materials like aluminum and steel, it works perfectly.
  • Weight - The weight tends to be a big issue to take note of. If it is too heavy, then opening and closing would not be too easy for you. Thus, it would be best if you settled for something lightweight and sturdy as well.
  • Style - Style must be considered no matter which type you are going for. If the one you have chosen tends to be too complicated, you will face problems while opening and closing it. So, instead, go for something that looks simple and has minimal designs going on.
  • Maintenance - Maintenance comes up as a significant factor to consider before you finally choose the ideal one. If you go for something too fancy and delicate that is hard to maintain, it probably cannot work out in the longer run. So, go for something that hardly includes any hassle.
  • Durability - When you invest in an object, you certainly do not think of it to last only a few months. Make sure that the one you choose has an excellent grip on it and comes with a warranty.

Designs to Choose From

To find the ideal shower cubicle door handle, you need to check out the variety of available models in the market. They are:

  • Traditional Metallic Designs -These are the conventional metallic designs that stand out to be one of the most commonly seen handles around. There are no fancy designs or edges to it, and it comes down straight while staying attached to the glass door from the up and down.
  • Contemporary Designs - The modern designs are, however, entirely new and stand in right contrast to the traditional ones. These designs are comparatively minimalist and look sophisticated from all aspects. Though their price point is a bit high compared to the traditional ones, it’s all worth it.
  • Minimalistic Designs - Not everybody likes to overdo it, and some want to keep it minimal with simple imprints and materials. Such designs look quite sophisticated and talk a lot about one’s personality.


  • Easy Cleaning - Cleaning is easy, and if it is a cubicle, there is hardly any second question to it. Imagine how tough your life could have been without these handles to the rescue. Just spritz some cleaner on to it, and wipe, and that is all!
  • Water Repellent - Most of them that stay in the shower room, are made of materials that can repel the constant presence of water on to it. These handles do not accumulate any rust or get eroded with water.
  • High-quality Sealing - The sealing provided with them is of high-quality, to make sure that the water that falls on to it, does not sweep into it, and end up damaging it. Availing such a piece would make sure that it lasts long for quite some time.
  • Custom Ledges - When it comes to the cubicle handles, the ledges can be customized according to your purpose. You can either keep it bent on the outside or the downside as you prefer it to be.
  • Customized Enclosure - You can lock or close the handle when you are not using it, and thus choose the handle that fits your preference, and seems easy to lock and use.

Now that you are aware of the type of glass shower door handles, it is time for you to visit McCoyMart and choose the ideal item that suits your needs. With us, you can select across a wide range of designs and variations, helping you explore and settle for the best product!