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Glass Sliding System

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Glass sliding doors have become popular in the recent years. This is because sliding glass doors not only enhance the aesthetics of the exterior and interior of the house but also do not need space around them as doors open and close horizontally. The sliding glass door systems are either tracked or suspended. Glass sliding doors are also suitable patio doors to provide an eye-catching entrance to the patio.

Framed and Frameless Sliding Glass Doors

Frameless sliding glass doors are sleek glass doors which look like glass walls providing an unobstructed view of the exterior. The frameless sliding glass door systems have a header at the top and a track at the bottom. The door slides by the action of the wheels which run on the track. Frameless sliding glass doors seamlessly integrate in any space and are suitable for homes of all styles. Buy Best sliding glass door systems, automatic sliding door system, automatic sliding door system price and stainless steel sliding door system from top brands ozone automatic sliding door and ozone automatic sliding door price available here. The modern frameless glass doors are made of tempered or laminated glass and are specially designed to withstand weather elements effectively. They keep out and wind and water and also act as insulators. Frameless sliding glass doors are widely used as patio doors, office partitions and shop fronts.

The following types of framed sliding glass doors are available in the market.

  • Wood framed sliding glass door impart a traditional look to the property. The interior portion of the wood frame can be finished to complement the wood furnishing present in the room. The wooden frame needs maintenance to retain its original colour and finish.
  • Vinyl framed sliding glass doors are suitable for a plethora of architectural styles. They are available in various colours.
  • Aluminium framed glass sliding doors are strong and stable. The aluminium frame appears as a thin line which increases the outside view through the doors.

Types of Sliding Glass Doors

Bi-fold- Bi-fold sliding glass doors slide but two halves of the door also close in on each other when opened. Thus, bi folding sliding glass doors appear like bi-folding doors while providing the convenience of sliding. Bi-fold glass doors are commonly installed in kitchens and closets.

Pocket- Pocket sliding glass door has a single glass panel which disappears into the wall when opened. There are no hinges. Pocket sliding doors are highly suited for small spaces. They can be used as bedroom and pantry doors.

Bypass- Bypass sliding glass doors are the most commonly used sliding glass doors. Bypass sliding glass door has tracks on both the top and bottom portion and the opens by sliding to one side. They are commonly used as bathroom and closet doors.

Sliding Mechanism of Glass Doors

Sliding glass door slides along tracks fitted on top and bottom part of the frame. The glass sliding door track systems can be made of wood, vinyl or metal. Heavy glass doors glide along the bottom rail while light glass doors are hung from the top. Plastic rollers enable the glass door panels to glide along the track. The glass sliding door track systems are susceptible to dirt build-up which prevents the rollers from moving smoothly on them. Thus, deep cleaning of the tracks once every month and light cleaning at least once every week is very essential.

The frameless sliding glass door track systems are usually made of high-grade stainless steel or aluminium. The tracks come in various lengths and can also be customised. The tracks also have various specifications with respect to the maximum door weight they can tolerate and the maximum thickness of the glass panels.

Online Availability

There are many stores selling branded sliding glass door systems online. They come in standard as well as customised sizes and in various panel configurations. Thus, online shopping is a good option to buy sliding glass door systems.

Sliding Glass Door Systems Price List

Sliding Glass DoorPrice List
Ozone 11-E Single or Bi-Parting Automatic Sliding Door System for Glass Door
Rs. 83,526
Ozone Autoglide Sliding Door System for Glass Door
Rs. 36,739
Ozone Office Door Sliding System (OZSL-G-S-SYS) - 2 mtr (Standard)
Rs. 14,113
Ozone SG-080 Magnetic Sliding Door System for Glass Door
Rs. 137,983