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Glass Bolts are a popular part of the architecture and are seen in various places, including hotels, malls, offices, airports, etc. These fittings are beautiful in design and provide a form of transparency that adds to the overall look of the architecture involved. These types of accessories are also used in patch fittings, connectors, hinges, and more.

At McCoy Mart, you’ll be able to access some of the best glass fixing bolts for any need. Choose from a range of brands, including Ozone Overseas and Hardwyn, and give your home the aesthetic and functional advantage it deserves.

Types of Fixtures Used in Fittings -

There are different types of stainless steel glass bolts available in the market today -

Hinges - Hinges are used to generally connect two glasses into a particular form. These hinges are typically made of high-grade steel material and only require minor guidance to fit onto the glass. These hinges are available on the store at minimal and affordable prices.

Connectors - Connectors are types of hinges that come in varieties such as glass to a wall or even glass to glass types. They are generally used at a time of adding these materials into a straight form. They are also available in a range of shapes, including round and rectangle, and at positioning angles such as 90 and 180 degrees.

Patch fittings - These generally type a frame-less fixing and have evolved as an exterior and modern interior architecture design and residential and commercial purposes. These concepts are a mix of hardware accessories and toughened mirror looking surface, and these are designed in general fittings along with tailor-made glasses as well.

Glass door bolts are also given to fix architectural hardware patch fittings while the frameless joints act as a type of security control in the exterior and interior frames. While patch fitting doors, some hardware is used, such as bottom patch, top-patch, patch fittings locks, locks, and clamps.

Some great designs can be created with the help of frameless patch fittings and used in the partition work for exterior and interior concepts. Patch fittings are a fantastic concept, and there are plenty of design features available for interior and architectural designers.

These architecture types are one of the primary replacements for other types of partition works. Apart from these wall fixing types, partitions can also be used for roof partitions and bolts. These also involve hardware fixtures and models to ensure that all the architecture is suited. These partition architecture will also dominate the remaining partition work and help in the competition of building architecture work with the help of partition design.

Spider fittings - Spider fittings or countersunk glass bolts are popular in these fittings in terms of security and safety from end-users. Toughened glass thicknesses can be used on toughened panels. The support for the body and spider glazed fittings can be quickly taken from building architecture. For larger elevations, the structural support must be created with a high grade of stainless steel.

Mostly, in spider glazing fittings, these mirror-looking materials which are used as deadweight will help in withstanding pressure. Some of the most popular spider fittings include the 2-way and 4-way type, and the single way spider fittings can also facilitate many spider glazing fittings in the mold of design architecture.

How to Choose Among Various Types of Glass Bolt Fixtures?

Colour and accessories are some of the choices available to make hinges, connectors, clamps and are used to create impressive interiors as well. These hinges need to be secured with long screws and also sturdy. For added security, these hinge bolts also help in reinforcing a door’s hinge against the force. These door accessories are used as doors don’t corrode or rust with ease, and they’re also super durable and easy to clean.

Where Can They be Used?

These bolts can be used in railings, including square brackets, D Brackets, and holdings as per your requirements as well. You can use

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