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Glass door roller has now become the need of the hour. They not only fit the expectations but are elements that look quite modern and very minimal. They are always one of the fancy options to consider compared to the other doors made of either wood or ply or steel. 

Those made of glass offer privacy and make sure that it goes on for a longer period. However, though it might look quite sophisticated, there is quite a lot you’ve got to consider that comes along with the installation of these products. Before we proceed, we need to explore a bit about its types and features.

Types of Glass Door Rollers:

While we are talking about these products, you certainly do not need to stick to a single type, and there are quite some to explore.

Aluminum sliding glass door rollers - Of all the Sliding glass door rollers available in the market, the aluminum ones stand out. Compared to the others made of different materials, the aluminum types are quite sturdy and strong. Moreover, these are quite durable and do not make you worry a lot about constantly spending your valued bucks on it.

Heavy duty sliding glass door rollers - There is quite a difference between when it comes to choosing these products for your domestic use and your workplaces. Compared to domestic use, professional places experience heavy-duty usage. So, go for the comparatively heavy and durable ones and withstand continuous wear and tear conditions at certain places.

Design Options:

You might think that there is not much to do with the designs of these items, but that is not justified to a certain extent. They bring along a range of design options that certainly makes a difference to space, where you use it. So, you need to be very selective while choosing among them.

Traditional - In the traditional ones, unlike the single pair, the double pair are used where one stands stationary while the other moves along. The particular design helps you to withhold the door's design and maintain the balance by sharing the weight of the door.

Disappearing - Most of this hardware usually pops out of their place in modern homes and makes it look odd. With the disappearing rollers, you neither get a sound or a view of it to look at.


When talking about this hardware, it is not mandatory to think that only steel and aluminum, would top the list! There are quite a number of options that can be tried out, depending on your preferences.

Woods - Wooden ones are the perfect choice to go for if you install the door that is either made of ply or wood. They might be not as supportive as the aluminum ones, but it is counted among the light usages.

Aluminum - Among all the material options that we have in hand, going for the aluminum is undoubtedly the best and the most common alternatives to consider. They are comparatively sturdy and provide a strong grip on the sliding doors, either made of steel frame or aluminum.

Stainless Steel - Just after aluminum, if anything can fit into the modern aesthetics beautifully, it is the these made out of stainless steel. By choosing them, you do not need to think twice about rust or worry about getting stuck in the midway tracks.

PVC Plastic -  You’ve read about this hardware in every material, then why not a plastic one? It might not be the ideal one that you use in places with heavy-duty usages, but for minor usages, it seems to be the ideal one, especially in domestic boundaries.

Importance of Choosing the Best Glassdoor Rollers:

Before selecting the best one in the market for your purpose, it is essential to check out some of their major importance. They are:

Easy to open - With quality rollers that do not get stuck, or make a lot of sounds, and keep a good grip on the sliding doors, opening or closing it becomes very easy. You hardly need to apply any extra force to do so.

Durable - Going for quality rollers that fit your purpose ideally can make it last for a long time. You can keep off the hassle to invest and re-invest again and again on the same product.

Flexible installation - Installing these is quite flexible and modern, and in some cases, you do not even need to hire extra laborers to help you fit it in.

That is not all, but McCoyMart has the widest range of varieties concerning sliding glass door rollers that can come as excellent options. Also, the price point is such that no matter which business or societal class you belong to, you can always find it in your financial capability.