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Anchor MCB

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Choose From The Best Range of Anchor MCB Available Online at McCoy Mart

The MCB or miniature circuit breaker is a beneficial solution to protect your expensive gadgets at home. As the name suggests, they automatically break the circuit when there is any abnormality in the power supply. You can use them at your mains or at respective switchboards for protecting the gadgets connected to them. You can rely on anchor mcb as they ensure operational safety and efficient working. You can install them on your computers, AC's, and fridges to secure them.

Moreover, they are much more efficient than the common fuses mounted on your electric boards. They are sensitive to current and work against short circuits efficiently. It also functions in a better way during overloading and under voltage. Once the miniature circuit breaker goes down, you can resume supply quickly. Handling them is easy, and they require very little maintenance. The anchor mcb price is also affordable, so you don't need to dig into your pocket much.

Know about the features that the Miniature Circuit Breakers have

Before buying any product, you must know about the features it has. It helps you in understanding the product in a better way. The anchor mcb switch has also got many features. Learn about them from the pointers below:

  • Trendy design: Nowadays, modern homes have modern interiors. So, many people search for modular accessories that match their decor. Similarly, the miniature circuit breakers from this company have an elegant appearance that fits them into all types of decor. Moreover, the cover and handle in arch shape are very comfortable to operate. Even the indicators denoting ON and OFF are clear.
  • Three-level functioning and rated short circuit capacity: The miniature circuit breakers manufactured by this company have three-level functioning. They are On, Off, and Trip. The Trip functions when there is a fault. Even the anchor mini mcb and other models have a rated short circuit capacity of 10000 A or 10 kA.
  • Safety shutters: The terminal block with safety shutters is beneficial as it prevents wrong wiring and burning terminals. Moreover, they have a high speed and high breaking capacity, which is efficient.
  • Bi-connect terminals: The bi-connect terminals at both sides allow you to use either a busbar or cable to connect. Furthermore, the miniature circuit breakers manufactured by this company have a high-speed wiping contact structure.
  • Environment friendly: As we are leading a modern life, environmental standards are often neglected. However, this company produces miniature circuit breakers that meet the environment-friendly standards specified by the RoHS, defined by the European standards.
  • Price: Besides the other features, the mcb price anchor is worth noting. You can get these global standard products at very affordable rates.
  • Energy-efficient: The power loss values are significantly less than the specified values of IS/IEC. It makes the miniature circuit breakers much more energy-efficient.
  • Snap-fit: The snap-fit models are easy to install, and that can be done using screws. You can fit them on the board without any hassle.

Learn about the reasons why Anchor MCB remains the best in the market

Several reasons make these miniature circuit breakers the best in the market. Know about them from the pointers stated below:

  • They develop quality products that are durable and last long. Besides that, the miniature circuit breakers are easy to operate.
  • The anchor mini mcb price and the cost of the other models are reasonable. So you can't shop for them without worrying much about the budget.
  • The miniature circuit breakers from this company have a safety shutter and three-level functioning, which makes them much more efficient. They can effectively handle short circuits, overloading, and low voltages.
  • Moreover, the bi-connect terminals and environment-friendly standards make them an ideal choice for many.
  • The miniature circuit breakers from this company also have elegant designs and snap-fit, making them suitable for all types of room decor.
  • They are available across all online and offline stores, which makes them preferable to many.
  • The brand is also famous for manufacturing other electrical items for over six decades. Thus it has a reputation for providing customer-centric items.
  • Anchor has been a part of Panasonic since 2007 and manufactures global standard products.
  • They survey dedicatedly, study those researches, infuse new technology in the making, and create the products. This makes their items a perfect blend of quality and aesthetics.

All these factors collectively make this brand the best in the market. Thus, you can rely on them and shop for items.

Check the things to consider before buying Anchor MCB for AC

As you plan to buy a miniature circuit breaker, you need to consider certain things. It will help you to get the correct product. Remember the following pointers and check them before purchasing this item:

  • Durability: The anchor modular mcb is generally durable as it is made from high-grade material. However, you should check the durability standards from the specifications to know more about the stability of the product.
  • Cost: The mcb anchor price varies from one model to another. However, they are inexpensive. So check the price that fits in your budget.
  • Capacities: Commonly, the miniature circuit breakers can handle overloading, short circuits, and low voltages. Nonetheless, check the features of the item before shopping to be sure of the capacities it has.
  • Energy efficiency: All miniature circuit breakers are efficient in energy consumption. Check whether they match the IS/IEC standards before buying.

Enquire about the Anchor Modular MCB Price List from McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart is your one-stop destination for all your requirements starting from kitchen hardware to home improvement. You can buy items by checking the product descriptions, adjusting search filters, and knowing their properties. Compare the price between brands, browse through the available brands and then purchase your item. You can use the app and the browser to shop from this store. Besides that, you can know about the Anchor mcb switch price list and then get your desired miniature circuit breaker. Owning a pro account will entitle you to bulk rebates and GST invoices. So, head to the store and grab the items you require.

Best Selling Anchor MCB Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Anchor Roma Classic 10A SP C Type Mini Modular MCB - (98070)
Rs. 219
Anchor Roma Classic 25A SP C Type Mini Modular MCB - (98073)
Rs. 219
Anchor Roma Classic 6A SP C Type Mini Modular MCB - (98069)
Rs. 219
Anchor Roma Classic 32A DP C Type Mini Modular MCB - (98080)
Rs. 442
Anchor Roma Classic 20A DP C Type Mini Modular MCB - (98078)
Rs. 442