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LED Foot Lights

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Buy LED Foot Lights Online At Affordable Price

Led foot lights are available in various forms and designs in modern times. However, the dust-free shiny finish lights are certainly the most advanced and popular among all. Led foot lights of top brands with UV protected polycarbonate are preferred for their ability to keep the switches perfectly elegant.

Apart from these, the following aspects are recommended to be kept in mind for having the best product in this segment

  • Lumen

Lumen or brightness is certainly the foremost factor taken into consideration while judging the quality of Led foot lights. It is basically about measuring the brightness that the pair of human eyes gets. In general, people are used to with watts as the measuring parameter for brightness. However, Lumen is preferred these days as it is way convincing. Especially, Lumen is the most important factor often advised to be taken into account for Led foot lights. The key thing that one must note here is that one should check lumen per foot while buying these lights. It is obvious that lumen requirement for 4 foot led lights can’t be the same as for the 5 foot led lights. Also, the level of brightness varies from one project to the other. The safest option in this regard would be to have the comparatively brighter one and then adjust things using the dimmer. The best part about the strategy of using dimmer is that it can enhance the endurance of the light. When LEDs are used at a level lower than its full lumen, the overall lifetime is obviously expected to be higher. 

  • IP rating, Place and nature of the application

The kind of place where Led foot lights have to be installed is also a factor that needs to be considered. One can have both waterproof foot lights and non-waterproof footlights. It depends upon the specific place where it has to be used. One more thing that needs to be kept in mind while going to buy Led foot lights is the IP rating. This rating primarily indicates the resistance of the light or the level of liquid pressure it can handle. Those of a bigger rating often cost higher. Hence, one should go with the right option in accordance with the place it has to be installed. Specifically, one should be careful about this aspect while buying led foot lights online. For example, if the light is to be used anywhere at the indoor premise, it is not compulsory for the buyer to go with the lights of higher than the IP65 rating. This is suggested as it is not essential to install waterproof lights everywhere in indoor areas. Those of higher than IP65 rating are waterproof in nature. However, the choice of indoor lights should also be made in accordance with the specific kind of application. For example, one can’t use lower-rated led foot lights at the bathrooms where it has to come with the water exposure.

  • Dealing with voltage fluctuation

Voltage is one of the crucial concerns one must take into account while installing LED foot lights. No one would wish to deal with voltage drop issues with these lights. In this context, most people go with 3 module foot light options and others with the ability to function at lower level voltage requirements. One may go with the 24-volt options as well for enduring usage. Most importantly, it is advised to go only with the one-color lighting options as the chances of fluctuation are pretty nominal here. As a simple formula, the lights involving minimal functionality; the fancy vivid lights hold greater threats of fluctuations.

  • CCT Index

CCT is another crucial factor that should be taken into account while buying Led foot lights. CCT is the abbreviation of Correlated Colour Temperature. The degree is the measuring parameter for this. The rating of temperature matters straightaway about the feel of white light. In this context, it varies from cold white to warm. Those lights where the rating is between 2k-3k K do fall under the warm white light category. These lights appear yellowish in terms of their shades. With a growing rating, the shade gradually turns whiter. Best led foot lights of higher ratings produce bluish-white shade, which certainly feels the best. The term CCT here should not be misinterpreted with any color other than white. It is moreover about white light. It is important to note that CCTs often vary from one to the other. It’s because the mode of manufacturing is not identical with each. With the same rating, the quality of shade and feel of the light may vary. It mostly varies from one manufacturer to the other or one brand to the other. With the same rating, one may get a cool bluish-white feel where it may not have the same appeal while buying from another store, even if it has the same rating. The best recommendation would be to check the LED foot lights thoroughly prior to buying. One must ask for a briefing from the seller or manufacturer as well.  

  • CRI Index

Colour Rendering Index is another crucial parameter that needs to be understood while buying LED foot lights. Lower CRI lights are certainly not recommended. This index is meant for measuring the exact appearance of color under a specific source of light, upon comparing the same with the sunlight. It varies anywhere between zero to a hundred. The best ones are indeed the ones with 100 ratings. With this rating, the concerned light looks very much identical as it would look under the sunlight. It’s true that those of better ratings are more preferred and hence costlier. Still, it is recommended to check led foot lights price from different sources to grab the best deal. One should aim at having LED foot light with a CRI measurement greater than 80. These are certainly the most useful lights; those can be utilized in different types of applications. If CRI measurement is more than 90, it can be useful in the commercial sectors, keeping the standard of modern times in mind. In fact, most of the retail sectors want lights with more than 90 ratings.

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