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Crompton Tower Fan

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Buy Crompton Tower Fan Online At Best Price! | McCoy Mart

The Tower-like designs give the name Tower Fan to the tall fans manufactured by Compton. The base rotates, and the side inlets allow air to be pulled in. These models disseminate air properly to every nook of the room. They have very sleek designs which make them fit in anywhere in the house or office. The soggy weather of the tropical countries makes this model essential. The models that this company manufactures are of good quality. You can choose them from a plethora of designs, styles, and colors. They are much different from the air coolers that are extensively available in the market.

Crompton Greaves manufactures Crompton Tower Fan for a long time. They not only cater to the needs of customers but also work accordingly to fulfill them. Besides being a leading company of tower fans in India, they have a segment of lamps. They market the products of their company under the name Crompton. Paying huge electricity bills is challenging for everyone. You get worried thinking about how you can save money by consuming less power. Well, the Crompton Tower Fan gives you that opportunity. Availing of this alternative cooling option, you do not need to dig much into your pocket. Not only will you get them at affordable rates, but also in a plethora of styles, designs, and colors. The variations in color and design are not restricted only to its outlook. The interior features and characteristics also change from model to model. Moreover, you also get many other advantages from these models.

The Features of These Models That You Can Avail of are Listed and Discussed Below -

  • Saves space

These models save a lot of space wherever you keep them. This remains one of the primary reasons for which these models are trendy. Being not only tall but also sleek enables you to save space in a room. You can also keep them under a cover when not in use. You can place them near your couch or desk. Even during cooking in your kitchen, you can also use them. They do not disturb the flame while cooking. You can control them with remotes, which is also an advantageous feature of these models.

  • Stylish

Besides being slim, these models are very stylish. They add elegance to the room you keep them in. Being aesthetically pleasing, they never appear displeasing to your eyes. As they fit anywhere in the house, you do not need to alter the decoration of your room for it. Moreover, they are very light in weight and can be carried easily through your house or office. You do not need any extra arrangement to fit this fan. These models are ideal for conference rooms and halls. They have wide swings for which the air is disseminated to the room properly. It utilizes significantly less energy and decreases the use by sixty percent.

  • Noiseless

Being noiseless while working enables you to do your work peacefully. Whether you are taking a nap or working in your cubicle, you can easily use these models to work without any disturbance.

Over time, Crompton High Speed Tower Fan has evolved as the best brand due to the variety of models.

The Models That Have Made it the Best Brand Are -

  • Crompton Kitchen Tower Fan

The kitchen tower fan has a smooth airflow, which focuses on you. It is beneficial while you cook, as it does not disturb the flame, yet the airflow cools the person cooking. Being sleek, it fits anywhere and everywhere. You can keep it horizontally or vertically, whichever way is suitable for you. It is effortless to clean and has removable filters. It is a child-friendly model as it is free from blades. The air delivery rate of this model is 700 cubic meters per hour. It consumes 38watts of power, which is significantly less.

  • Crompton Rapid Tower Fan

Rapid tower fans are available in white and grey. It is 24 cm long, 24 cm wide, and 73 cm high. The power consumption of this model is 130 watts. You can use them indoors and outdoors, as it is light in weight. The rate of airflow it has is 4000 cfm. You get four air distribution settings within which you need to operate this model.

There are certain factors that you must consider before buying a Crompton Greaves Tower Fan. Some of the Pointers That You Should Not Forget to Check Includes -

  • Noise level

Whether you do work while the tower fan is on, or you take a nap or sit, noise is something that distracts everybody. You should check the specifications to know whether the model that you are going to buy has less noise level or not.

  • The airflow capacity

Another essential aspect that you should not forget is the airflow capacity the model has. This is the primary thing that you should know. Depending on the airflow, you will enjoy the breeze. Check the rate of airflow in the specification before buying.

  • Speed controlling options

You must also check the airflow regulating options before buying. Knowing this will help you to operate the machine properly. It will also help you to understand how many regulating options you will get.

  • Remote control

Almost all the models are equipped with remote controls. Still, you should check the specifications to know whether the model you opt to buy has a remote control or not. If the remote control is not there, you have to operate it using the buttons. Remote controlled models are the easiest to operate as you can sit at a distance and control the air blade.

Why Should You Purchase an Air Blade from Us?

To buy a Crompton Tower fan, you can head towards McCoy Mart. It is a reliable online store where you can compare the price of various models, check their specifications, and then buy. There are a plethora of options from which you can select. It is a one-stop solution for you to buy your desired products online.