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The fibre cement boards are commonly spotted in many buildings, both residential and commercial. They are the trendiest way to make your property facade look beautiful. You must have noticed them at many places, but you could not identify them as you don’t know much about them. However, if you plan to use these sidings to decorate your building, you can do it at a reasonable rate. The sidings have various finishes that enhance the look of the exterior of your building. Besides that, they require very low maintenance and are long-lasting. You will be amazed to know that these fibre cement boards are created by combining mortar, fly ash, wood pulp, and cellulose. 

You get many benefits from using these sidings. Instead of using decorative wooden planks that degrade as they endure climatic changes, these sidings don’t erode. Besides being resistant to all climatic conditions and fire, it does not require any repaints even. Not only are they accessible in numerous designs and shapes, but also in many sizes. They make your building get a dazzling look. You can use the 6mm fibre cement board for flooring too. Installing them is not difficult. They are solid and thick, resiting termites and fungi too. Nonetheless before buying you must know about the various types of sidings from which you can buy. 

Look at the different kinds of fibre cement boards

The sidings are available in several types in the market. You should know about them to buy the wanted item. Generally, there are four types of these sidings. Look at the different kinds below to learn more about them. 

  • Shingle Siding: The shingle fibre cement floor boards are obtainable at individual shakes and available at 4, 8, or 12 feet strips. They are perfectly fit for both small as well as large properties. You get a wooden finish facade without using the timber. Both hand-split and woodgrain textures are available. You get a comprehensive option to choose from, like the straight or staggered shingles to match your building’s style. They are obtainable in decorative finishes and in various shapes and sizes. You can select a stained finish or a primed factory-painted finish to fit the multiple areas of your home. 
  • Vertical siding: The vertical panel siding sheets can be accessed in large layers. Apart from various textures in which they are found, you can also get them at an affordable range. The 9mm cement board will give a modern finish to the exterior of your property. They are fitted vertically and are common to both residential and commercial buildings. 
  • Horizontal Lap siding: It is the standard type used in residential buildings and is also known as dutch lap siding. This 18mm fibre cement board is thicker than others, and for cladding them, you need long and even pieces of sidings. They are much wider near the bottom than on the top. As they are fitted to the lap of the previous siding, it gets their name as lap siding. They are accessible in different widths with beaded or straight edges. 
  • Shiplap siding: The shiplap sidings are similar to the dutch lap. However, the primary difference lies in the way they are installed. In dutch lap siding, the fixtures are fitted overlapping one another’s lap. Still, in this type, they are installed upright against each other. The installation gives a clean and smooth surface and is fitted using the tongue and groove system. 

Know about the brand you can buy fiber cement board waterproof from

There are many brands in the market manufacturing sidings. You need to choose the correct brand that manufactures quality products. As choosing the brand is very challenging, we are here to help you. The best brand to buy sidings from is Birla Aerocon Siding. There are some reasons why we suggest this brand. Check the reasons below: 

  • Birla develops quality products that last longer. 
  • They also manufacture other hardware items in the market that are also of pretty good quality. 
  • The sidings from Birla can endure all types of weather and stay intact.
  • The 12mm fibre cement sheet or sidings of other thickness doesn’t erode during a fire breakout.
  • Termites cannot infest these sidings, unlike wooden planks.
  • The sidings from Birla are resistant to water too.
  • Birla manufactures customer-friendly products that are reasonable. Thus, they are the best seller in the market.

Factors to check before buying fiber cement board flooring

There are specific factors to look at before you buy a siding. If you consider them before buying, it will help you to have a proper purchase. Check the pointers listed below and keep them in mind before buying. 

  • Weight: The sidings are at times light in weight and heavy too. You must check the weight of the cellulose plank before buying. As they are fitted horizontally and vertically at various heights, you should check the weight in the specification column before purchasing. 
  • Resistance: The sidings are resistant to plenty of things. So, they don’t erode quickly. Still, you should check the specifications to know whether the model you are buying is resistant to water, heat, fire, all types of climates, and pests. 
  • Multiple usages: Sidings can be used for various purposes like flooring, exterior facade, and false ceilings. They are also ideal for wall paneling, partitions, cladding signboards, and cabinet back lining. You should check whether you can utilize the model you are buying for different purposes. 
  • Shrinkage: You must choose a shrinkage-free siding as some of these cellulose planks shrink. Check the specification to check this. 

Check fiber cement board price and buy them from McCoy Mart 

McCoy Mart can be your destination to buy the sidings. Over there you can also check the price of this product. There are several brands and numerous items in McCoy Mart that are needful. You can browse through plenty of brands, read specifications, check price lists, and whatnot. If you have a pro-McCoy Mart account, you can get bulk discounts and GST invoices too. It is a one-stop solution for your requirements.

Fiber Cement Board Price List

Fiber Cement BoardSizesPrice
Birla Aerocon 4 mm C Board (Fibre Cement Board) By HIL For Dry Wall
(L) 1.95 Feet x (W) 1.95 Feet
Rs. 46
Birla Aerocon 18 mm C Board (Fibre Cement Board) By HIL For Dry Wall
(L) 8 Feet x (W) 4 Feet
Rs. 1,755
Birla Aerocon 8 mm C Board (Fibre Cement Board) By HIL For Dry Wall
(L) 6 Feet x (W) 4 Feet
Rs. 585
Birla Aerocon 10 mm C Board (Fibre Cement Board) By HIL For Dry Wall
(L) 6 Feet x (W) 4 Feet
Rs. 731
Birla Aerocon 8 mm C Board (Fibre Cement Board) By HIL For Dry Wall
(L) 8 Feet x (W) 4 Feet
Rs. 780