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Faber Geyser

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Buy Faber Geyser Online At Best Price! | McCoy Mart

Water warmer or geyser is an ordinary family need in the present time. Be it for washing garments or bathing; it must be a decent quality water warmer that goes on for quite a long time yet doesn't have an excessive price. Subsequently, purchasing a water warmer that fulfills every need is most likely the work that should be done carefully. That is the reason this article will guide you on all the data on aqua warmers you require to know before purchasing the correct one. Faber Geyser is a trustworthy brand that has been manufacturing water warmers for a long time. They manufacture models that are not only trendy but efficient too. The models they design fit in properly with the decor of your toilet. They also use the latest technology to manufacture the product so that it lasts long. Faber undoubtedly caters to the needs of the customers and manufactures water warmers accordingly.

There are various models that Faber manufactures. Each product has unique features. They also come in different styles, colors, and shapes.

Some of the Products from This Company and Their Features are as Follows:

  • Faber Glitz 25 Lt.

Glitz is a Faber water heater with a 25-liter capacity. The water warming compartment has an anode bar with a tempered steel center intended to shield the aqua storage area from destructive components. The anode bar utilizes an unusual cathodic activity to battle these components and elongates the aqua warmer's longevity. This astonishing aqua warmer has a special fused and coated Incoloy amalgam warming up element for quicker warming and lengthier life. It forestalls the consumption of aqua-storing area and provides prevalent warming execution. This water warmer accompanies a sole weld cable dissimilar to other aqua radiators that have three portion structure. The characteristic of insignificant weld joints lessens spillage at a rate of sixty-seven percent in a high pressing factor situation. Glitz Geysers accompanies eight bars constrain rating to guarantee the radiator of the aqua is reasonable in any event, for the skyscraper lofts/structures. Glitz also has a flexible handle that can be used to control the temperature helpfully in this way, assisting with redoing the warming of aqua according to your need.

There is a neon marker for the 'On' and 'Warming', which gives the stature of aqua warming and availability. High evaluation puff protection guarantees heat maintenance in this way lessening your power bills. Savvy plan with backup cut off assistance burns-through less power. Agreeing to all well-being and safety principles likewise ends up being an energy-effective water radiator with a five-star rating. It also has an advanced three-layer aqua storage area, quadrant layer coated SPCC adherent membrane, fused, and coated Incoloy blended heating component.

  • Faber 15 Lt. Water Heater

The 15 Lt. Faber water heater comes with a seven-year warranty, four years on the heating element, and two years on the product. This aqua warmer accompanies a single weld line, not like other aqua radiators with a 3 piece structure. This characteristic of minimum weld joints diminishes spillage by 67% in high pressing factor situation. It has got a trendy design and Mg anode. The product has a CRCA EDD Grade Tank Material besides having a Neon Indicator. Having a rust-free body with a five-star rating and high precision thermos makes it much more demandable. This aqua warmer keeps up boiling aqua for a longer length by guaranteeing high warmth maintenance and assists with lessening your power bills. Following all well-being and security principles, it also ends up being an energy-effective aqua radiator with a 5-star rating.

The Vulcan Geysers of this company accompanies an 8-bar compel rating to guarantee that the aqua radiator is appropriate in any event, for the skyscraper lofts/structures. Faber fountains can withstand pressure up to 8 kg/cm2. They also have a high exactness indoor regulator, reset handle and pre-set warm cut-out, which gives double security. It is designed to remain shielded from unexpected force cut and voltage varieties.

Why is this one of the Best Brands for Your Vent

Faber Water Geyser is considered to be one of the best brands due to the quality of the product that they manufacture. They produce trendy models by using the latest technology. You get many colors, sizes, and shapes of the models from this company. As the models have a rust-free body, they last long. This is a remarkable feature that attracts many customers. The eight-bar pressure and good BEE star rating make them much more dependable. Besides every other feature, the models are available at a reasonable rate. The power consumption of the models is also less. These features together make Faber evolve as the best brand.

Faber Geyser Specifications

  • High Power Instant Geysers with ABS Body
  • Heater - Type Electric Geyser
  • Body Material: ABS- prevents rusting and corrosion
  • Tank Material - SS Tank, Quadro-Layer Enameled SPCC, CRCA EDD Grade
  • Type - Instant Water Heater
  • Mount Type - Vertical
  • Star Rating - 4, 5
  • Outer Cover - Plastic, Steel Powder Coated, ABS-Rust and Shock Proof

There are certain factors that you need to think about before purchasing a Faber Instant water heater.

Some of the Pointers That You Should Compulsorily Remember are:

  • Storage Capacity

You must select the capacity depending upon the frequency of usage and the number of people who will use it. If you have a big family where many people will use the eater warmer, you need to buy a higher capacity model. If you don't have a big family, your need is more; you should buy a high capacity model. There are models with both higher and lower capacities. Select the model that suits your requirement.

  • Shape, Design, and Color

The water warmers are available in vertical and horizontal shapes with trendy designs. There are plenty of color options to choose from. You should select the one that suits your decor and taste.

Why Choose from McCoy Mart?

McCoy Mart is an online store where you can purchase various appliances and hardware items. You can browse through plenty of models having multiple shapes, colors, sizes, and then buy. You can also compare the price of these models with other companies and then buy. You may call it a one-stop solution for all your needs. It is a trustworthy mart with an effortless buying procedure. So why wait? Head to McCoy Mart to buy the water warmer of your choice.

Best Faber Geyser Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
FWG Insta Instant Water Heater - White
Rs. 2,757
FWG Vulcan 6V Storage Water Heater - White
Rs. 5,490
FWG Glitz Storage Water Heater - White & Black
Rs. 6,755
FWG Jazz RH Horizontal Storage Water Heater - White
Rs. 8,190