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Pan Head Screws

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Buy Pan Head Screws Online At Best Price! | McCoy Mart

Pan Head screw is increasingly becoming popular for its various benefits and a long list of applications. They are usually found useful in holding heavy components together. Knowing the types and uses helps in choosing the right kind that is necessary.

Top Benefits of the Product

Being a fastener with increased functionality, they are used for different purposes. Some of the popular use of these bolts includes:
Owing to the large bearing surface, these kinds of bolts are found in industrial applications. It is often used to hold the heavy components of the machines together. The ability of the large bearing surface to secure the heavy metal parts makes it useful for the industrial application.

  • Secure License Plate

When you are looking for an option to fasten the license plate of your car and keep it secure, a pan head screw is the best option. The large bearing surface of these tapering nails helps in holding the metal license plate securely to your vehicle. You can even use them to secure the vehicle lights, bumper covers, or other parts of your car.

  • Fasten Case and Enclosures

Fastening a case or enclosure together also becomes easy with the help of these flat bolts. By availing the best of its kind, you can easily fasten the enclosure of your air conditioning units or other cases. But make sure not to exceed the load-bearing capacity of the fasteners.

  • Secure Metal Framing

When metal framings are involved in the building constructions, these bolts can be used to hold the metal framings together.

Types of Pan Head Screws

Some of the popular types are given below:

  • Cross Recessed round bolts

The cross recessed bolt is usually made from high-grade material. The round shape top of such nails enables easy fitting of the different machines as well as instruments. Being reliable and corrosion-resistant, they can be used for various purposes.

  • Tapping bolt

This type does not require any pilot hole. Careful mapping is essential before nailing such types of bolts. The tensile strength of the tapping bolts enables them to be used for the high load applications.

  • Socket bolts

They are found widely in different industries. Being available in different dimensions, industries can choose the right type to meet their requirements.

  • Pan Head Self-Drilling Screw

It is almost similar to the tapping nails, except for the added feature of drilling. Using them can help in saving a lot of time in the drilling process. The easy to use the feature and wide applications is behind the growing demand of such bolts.

Tips to Choose the Best kind of Such Bolts

While you are planning to buy an online pan head screw for holding the heavy metal components, it is important to choose the right fastener. Some of the effective tips for finding the best one include:

  • Thickness and Dimension

While choosing the machine fasteners, considering the thickness and dimension of the fasteners is important. Make sure to check the length as well as the thickness of these bolts to ensure effective fastening that holds the machine parts together securely.

  • Type

As there are different types of flat nails available in the market, choosing the right type is important. Depending on your purpose, you can choose a flat or slotted pan head screw or any other type. There are variations in the colors available as well like silver or black pan head screws. Make sure to check the specifications of the different bolt types to find out which one is ideal for your purpose.

  • Material

These bolts are available in different metals, including steel, copper, brass, and others. Make sure to consider the different features like strength, durability, and resistance of the different metals. Stainless Steel pan head screws and pan head wood screws are the most commonly used ones. Select the right composition so that they are able to meet your specific requirements.

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Hettich Pan Head Features:

  • Material : Steel, Zinc Plated
  • Thread Style : Pan Head
  • Longer Life
  • For attaching the drawer base as well as the wooden rear panel
  • Hardened & sharp TIP for improved starting on hard surfaces