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Wooden Window Frame

Wooden Frames are just as vital as window panes since they influence the sashes' integrity and lifespan. Wooden window frames hold a pane in a building's wall and serve as a barrier between the sash and the wall. They are necessary for levelling and support, hinge and closing, as well as locking and protection. Timber's timeless beauty is unrivalled, as is all of nature's bounty and that is why nowadays these are so popular. Wood has been used as a building material since time immemorial and remains classy, particularly in the fenestration industry. It has the ability to add elegance, class, and warmth to any space without being excessive. While the timelessness, style, and grace of wood as a building material are unrivalled, timber window frames do much more than just add beauty to your home. They are also popular among modern homeowners because they add both style and value to homes.

Wood frames have been widely used in window construction due to their warm appearance, insulating properties, and the ability to paint them to refresh their look. These are the most popular types of structures because they are quite easily customizable. With proper maintenance, you may extend the life of the old wooden window frames by painting, sealing, polishing, and sanding them.

Have a glance at the Types of a wooden window frame

Not only can rustic wood window frame improve the inside and external beauty of a home, but they also lighten the rooms, keep out rain, and allow in the fresh air. These are now available in a variety of forms and shapes. Let's have a look at some types:

  • Arched wooden window frame: The bottom half of them are rectangular, while the upper half is an arch or half-circle. It is flanked by an arch-shaped pane that adds softness to the area and contrasts with the rigid edges of rectangular panes and walls. They let plenty of light and airflow into the room.
  • Casement Wooden Frame: These are quite common in India because they include one or more hinges on the side that allow the panes to swing outwards or inwards, similar to a door. Because they are relatively large, they let in a lot of natural light. They often provide larger open ventilation areas than other varieties.
  • Sliding Wooden Frame: These are typically rectangular or square in shape. They are linked by horizontally gliding panes that glide along the track. These are fairly frequent in contemporary-style and modern homes since they give ventilation as well as good views, although they cannot be fully sealed like casements.
  • Bay Wooden Frame: These are a great resource for architects since they may produce fascinating angles and projections on a building structure. They allow plenty of light to enter from various angles, and the majority of the bays have side panes that may be opened for ventilation. These are often seen in living areas and kitchens.

Know about some of the amazing Features

Ready made wooden window frames can add so much more value to both the outside and inside of your home. Some of the features are listed below to help you decide if they are the right fit for you:

  • Long Life: They have the ability to survive for many years. These products can withstand wear and tear and last a lifetime if properly maintained and cared for. Wood requires less care than many other materials and has a longer life expectancy, especially if you choose high-quality material. Furthermore, it does not rust, which is especially significant in areas with high humidity levels. It does not chip or break and it is also not prone to denting, which is common with steel ones.
  • Environmental Friendly: They are made from natural, renewable resources that do not emit hazardous substances into the environment. Wood is the epitome of eco-friendliness. Trees are a renewable resource, and these are never thrown away. Even if they do, they will gradually degrade into soil-beneficial compounds over time.
  • Energy Efficiency: If lowering your carbon footprint and reducing your home's environmental impact is important to you, then these will help you get there. With a potential lifetime of 60 years, you could reduce your home's CO2 output by nearly a tonne during that time. 
  • Versatile: Wood may be painted and stained to match the rest of the house's decor. These changes not only allow the homeowner to tailor their sashes to meet their style and taste but also allow them to modify them as trends change. While other types may take paint, these embrace colour like none else. Wood not only accepts but practically demands paint. This adaptability may result in a spectacular curb appeal for any property.

Here are some of the unknown Benefits 

Most homeowners prefer these products not just for their aesthetic value, but also for the usefulness and benefits they provide. Also because it is simple to shape, cut, paint, and join with hand tools these can be used in many ways. Consider the following benefits of wooden frames:

  • Insulation: Wood is an excellent insulator, so it will help to keep the heat inside and prevent it from escaping. In the long run, these may save you a lot of money because the extra insulation will help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. All year long, your bills will be significantly reduced.
  • Noise-Proof: These are great at absorbing external noise, outperforming all other materials. In comparison to the many other materials used to construct windows on the market, wood is particularly good at absorbing sounds, making it the greatest option for preventing external sounds from leaking into a home. Wood's inherent properties absorb and diffuse sound waves effectively. It's materials absorb lower frequencies of sound better than other materials.
  • Increased aesthetic Value: Appearance is one of the primary reasons why many people prefer these in the first place. Nothing beats the lovely and welcoming appearance of wood. Natural materials have a distinct appeal, which is why most materials aim to emulate the appearance of wood. You may also apply paint or polish to make it more visually appealing.
  • Customizable: They can be made to fit any size opening or trimmed to fit a specific sash or pane size. As a result, it is a material that is simple to work with and can be tailored to your specific requirements. Also, you can customise it completely by painting or polishing it according to your preference of choice. 

Know more about the Manufacturers List of Wooden Window Frame:

There are manufacturing companies that produce and sell these products. They offer different USPs which makes them unique in the industry.

Let's take a look at the best-known manufacturers and brands

  • Framico: They specialise in customising PVC doors, kitchen cabinets, partitions, wall panelling, ceilings, etc. They have top professionals whose expertise is in product designing, distribution, and fabrication.
  • Madhav Traders: Madhav traders offer a wide selection of products. It is a well-known market player since it provides customization and personalization of each product. They also offer an in-home installation service. 

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