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Kitchen is the most used place in the house. The style, design and location of the kitchen window should be able to facilitate fresh air circulation, let in ample natural light into the kitchen and provide a nice view of the outdoor space of the house. Furthermore, the kitchen window should also be accessible easily and must be simple to use. The style and architecture of the house also determines the type of kitchen window you want to purchase. 

These are the best kitchen window styles which can be considered by homeowners for their kitchens.

Sliding Window

Sliding window is the best style for kitchen windows over sink or counter. A sliding kitchen window opens along a sliding track which makes it very simple to operate. Sliding kitchen window also gives good control over air circulation because you can either open the window to some inches or slide it up all the way to fully open it.

Garden window

A garden window is a large kitchen window. The extra dimensions of the garden window makes the kitchen feel more open. The large window sill also allows you to put potted plants and other things on it. Garden window is, in fact, ideal to grow plants because they get good amount of sunlight while being protected from harsh weather.

Double window

Double hung window is a good choice of window for your kitchen. The double kitchen window provides good control over air circulation because it can be opened from both top and bottom. Such a window can also be opened as much as you like. Double hung window also has safety latches which do not allow it to be opened more than 3-5 inches. Hence, it becomes impossible for anyone to gain entry into the kitchen through the window.

Casement window 

Casement window is a good kitchen window due to  many reasons. The crank handle of the casement window makes it easy to open the window outwards and close it. The crank handle is easy to reach and operate. Thus, you are able to easily control the air flow in the kitchen. Casement window also allows a good amount of sunlight to enter the kitchen. Casement window is also the best kitchen sink window because it is easy to reach and operate over a sink.

Bay window

Bay window consists of a central window and two side windows. The main advantage of a kitchen bay window is that is allows sunlight into the room at three different angles. The bay window also makes the kitchen even more spacious than it actually is. It also allows more amount of air to come into the kitchen than conventional windows. 

These are some of the best types of kitchen windows that you can consider for your kitchen.

There are some other factors that need to be considered while purchasing a window for kitchen.


Kitchen window located above the sink should be large. However, small kitchen windows can also be installed in other parts of the kitchen to let in extra sunlight and air into the kitchen. The kitchen window size is determined according to the size of the kitchen and its architecture.


Apart from the kitchen window design, its location is also important. The traditional location of a kitchen window is above the sink because most of the time in the kitchen is spent working in the sink. The kitchen window should not be located above the cooking surfaces. Operable windows need to be installed in places where they can be easily accessed.

Window glass

The kitchen window glass can be of various types such as clear float glass, annealed glass, toughened glass, double glass, laminated glass, etc. It is better to know about the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of glass to make the best choice. The modern kitchen windows use the best quality glasses.

There are many kitchen window ideas suggested by various experts. The best idea should be able to achieve the following.

  • Allow sufficient natural light into the kitchen.
  • Provide best air circulation.
  • Improve the aesthetics of the kitchen
  • Maintain privacy.

Kitchen Window Price List

Types Of Kitchen Windows Price
UPVC Kitchen Window Rs 340/ Square Feet
Kitchen Louver Window Rs 180/ Square Feet
Aluminium Kitchen Window Rs 200/ Square Feet
Kitchen Sliding Window Rs 450/ Square Feet
Wooden Kitchen Window Rs 300/ Square Feet
White UPVC Kitchen Window Rs 320/ Square Feet
Kitchen Window Rs 350/ Square Feet