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What are PVC Doors?

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a very durable and powerful material used for building doors and windows. The properties of this material are very interesting and thus is one of the greatest waterproof materials used for preventing water leakage.PVC doors are smartly competing with the doors prepared using other materials due to its polished look and properties.

Decorative PVC sheet for door designs are available in the market at competitive prices. The sheets are customised and prepared as per the requirement. The sheets are available at the price of 200/sqft-600/sqft. The laminated sheets are highly stylish and remain the same for years.

PVC door design consists of uncountable variations. There are PVC designer doors with moulded patterns textures and colors. These doors are designed for entrances and provide an elegant look to the homes. Sometimes, the printed and painted glasses are used along with PVC framing for customized door designs. One of the latest designs is the digital PVC door in which, digital prints are used to decorate the doors.


  • Double glazed UPVC front doors are used to provide a rich and enchanting look to the entrance doors
  • The waterproof and strong PVC doors are used as bathroom and toilet doors to prevent water leakage and resist moisture damage
  • Sliding and folding doors are made using PVC to give a picturesque and eye catchy look to the homes
  • There are different colours and sizes of doors available for decorating multiple areas

Best PVC Doors in India

The PVC door manufacturers and suppliers come up with unique designs of PVC doors. The in India, the light weight PVC doors are used in toilets and bathrooms. Along with this, the light weight doors are used as entrance/front doors. The sliding, folding and tilt fancy doors are used for balconies and embracing panoramic views.

Types of PVC Doors

PVC material is widely used for preparing some specialised and modern doors. From front door to the bathroom doors, here are different types of PVC doors available in the market:

  • PVC bathroom doors
  • PVC sliding doors
  • PVC glass doors
  • PVC folding doors
  • Solid PVC doors
  • Specialised PVC toilet door
  • PVC French doors
  • PVC bi-fold doors
  • PVC tilt and slide doors

PVC Door Advantages:

  • PVC doors are energy efficient and provide strong insulation
  • There are number of colours, designs and framing options for PVC doors
  • PVC is a very durable and strong material and is thus used for preparing common resident doors
  • PVC doors prevent water leakage and are highly resistant to heat and fire
  • PVC doors are low maintenance and do not require frequent repainting
  • PVC doors remain untouched by UV rays. The colour or paint won’t fade away
  • PVC doors are termite free, beautiful, completely easy to install and usable for years

Find different types of solid sliding  & folding pvc doors with glass online for bathrooms and toilet along with price list, rates and cost details in India. Choose from different designs & images and post a quote to know the details of particular door. These doors are generally cheep and available at the price of 200/sqft-600/sqft.

PVC Doors Price List online at McCoy Mart

Types of PVC doors

Price Range

PVC sliding doors


PVC folding doors


PVC glass doors


Designer PVC doors


PVC bathroom doors

80/sqft- 400/sqft

PVC tilt and slide doors

400/sqft -  800/sqft

Bi-fold PVC doors

300/sqft – 800/sqft