uPVC Bathroom Doors

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uPVC Bathroom Doors In India

A bathroom is one place that requires doors that can withstand moisture, and extreme conditions of a moist place. UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) doors have turned into a well-known decision for bathrooms because of their solidness, durability, low maintenance, and adaptability.

Types of uPVC Bathroom Doors

There are several types of uPVC bathroom doors to choose from:

  • uPVC Sliding doors- Sliding uPVC bathroom doors save space and slide horizontally to open. They can be single slide or double slide.
  • uPVC Casement doors- These are hinged doors that swing inwards or outwards. They come in different styles like panel doors, glass doors, etc.
  • uPVC Tilt-and-slide doors- At the point when the handle is turned 90 degrees, the door lifts out and can be slid across its track. If the handle is diverted an entire 180 degrees from its shut situation into an upstanding handle position the door will shift back marginally from the top. This is the ventilation position.
  • uPVC Lift-and-slide doors- The lift-and-slide door will permit you to open even overly large doors with the push of a finger! The lift and slide instrument additionally gives improved air and water tightness by eliminating grinding on the seals during activity, hence lessening mileage.
  • uPVC Slide-and-fold doors- uPVC slide-and-fold bathroom doors are ideal for small bathrooms. They fold accordion-style and don't require much clearance space.
  • uPVC French doors- uPVC French doors are twofold pivoted bathroom doors that open chiefly towards the outside or inwards by design. uPVC French bathroom doors generally have a light development with glass sheets reaching out for the vast majority of its length.

These are the different types of uPVC bathroom doors. However, the theme of your house is the deciding factor as to which one would you go for.

Benefits of uPVC Bathroom Doors

Installing uPVC doors in bathrooms offers the following advantages:

  • Waterproof and Moisture-Resistant - UPVC doors contain no wood and are highly water-resistant, making them perfect for humid bathroom environments. They will not warp or rot over time.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain - The smooth non-porous surface of uPVC doors allows them to be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. No special chemical cleansers are required.
  • Customizable - uPVC doors come in a range of styles, colors, and finishes. Custom options allow homeowners to match their bathroom décor. Frosted, etched, or colored glass gives additional privacy.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting - UPVC doors are highly durable and stable. Their average lifespan ranges from 20-30 years with proper care and maintenance.
  • Affordable - Due to mass manufacturing techniques, uPVC doors are very competitively priced compared to wood or glass options. This makes them ideal for homeowners on a budget.
  • Noise and Temperature Insulation - With the addition of weatherstripping, uPVC doors provide both sound-dampening and thermal insulation for bathrooms.

Factors to Consider when Choosing uPVC Bathroom Doors 

When selecting a uPVC bathroom door, homeowners should consider:

- Intended use (main or powder room).

- Traffic volume (high or low use).

- Room size and layout.

- Matching with existing decor.

- Natural or artificial lighting.

- Ventilation needs.

- Flammability rating required.

- Special accessibility requirements.

- Budget.

- Contractor’s skill and experience with uPVC door installation.

Installation Tips for uPVC Bathroom Doors

Proper installation is key to ensuring uPVC bathroom doors function correctly long-term:

- Check room measurements carefully before ordering doors.

- Ensure the walls/frames are plumb and square before fitting doors.

- Allow expansion room around the frames for PVC to expand/contract.

- Make sure frames have drainage outlets to prevent water retention.

- Use adjustable frames to account for uneven walls or floors.

- Seal perimeter gaps properly with high-quality waterproof sealant.

- Use silicone caulk around trims, hinges, and hardware.

- Install quality drop seals, weatherstripping, and door sweeps.

- Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for tricky pivot or bi-fold door sets.

Maintenance Guidelines for uPVC Bathroom Doors

With periodic cleaning and care, uPVC bathroom doors will retain their like-new appearance for years:

- Clean doors with mild detergent and water using soft cloth.

- Avoid abrasive cleaners, pads, or brushes that could scratch the surface.

- For tough stains like mold or hard water buildup, use cleaning vinegar or rubbing alcohol.

- Rinse doors thoroughly after cleaning and dry with a soft towel.

- Apply car wax or PVC polish annually for added protection.

- Keep door tracks and hardware free of dirt and debris.

- Check weatherstripping condition and replace if worn out.

- Inspect door panels and frames yearly for signs of damage.

- Have specialists replace damaged panels, cracked welds, loose hinges, etc.

Top uPVC Bathroom Door Manufacturers

There are many different companies that offer durable and stylish uPVC doors in a wide range of standard and custom sizes. They use quality virgin PVC compounds and precision engineering. Many provide pan-India delivery along with professional fitting services. Homeowners can select products that align with their budget and design priorities. Scroll through to learn about the top bathroom uPVC door brands.

  • Lingel- With its initiation in 1959 in Germany, Karl Lingel Fensterbau Gmbh and Co. KG, it is today one of the main producers of excellent doors and windows in Europe and India. Lingel has been available in India starting around 2006. Lingel uPVC bathroom doors come with varied size capacities like glass thickness up to 36mm openable doors along with heavy-duty side-hung window hinges of 80 kg.
  • Prominance- Prominance as per its website has claimed that it is India's no. 1 Weather Resistant uPVC Windows & Doors. They are known to create and deliver uPVC Windows & Doors Profiles formulated & designed for the harsh Indian weather. The range of Prominance uPVC bathroom doors has been tested for 25000 Hours of rough weather which makes it the ultimate place for uPVC profiles.
  • Polywood- Polywood has been catering to PAN India customers with its range of PVC and Polywood uPVC Windows and doors since 1992. They are known to offer very aesthetically appealing, sustainable, and technologically advanced solutions.
  • Polywood bathroom uPVC doors are highly functional in nature because of are waterproof, fire retardant, termite proof, thermally insulating, acoustically insulating, and maintenance free. Moreover, they promise that their window & door systems are environmentally friendly and completely recyclable.
  • Koemmerling- Koemmerling strives to promise to deliver homes that recognize your taste from others. The magnificent quality of the items their channel accomplices flourishes to deliver uPVC doors that their customers wish to get. Their all-around planned and dynamically shaded Kommerling uPVC bathroom doors can help your doorsteps in making ceaseless impressions. Their channel partners can be your one-stop answer for colored door producers throughout India.
  • Fenesta- Fenesta offers a wide variety of designs in uPVC bathroom doors that incorporate everything from casement and conventional sliding ways to the well-known and contemporary lift-and-slide, bi-overlap, and different doors. Alongside the choice to pick the design of the uPVC doors, Fenesta likewise offers an extensive variety of door styles, colors, glass types, and handles that permit you to redo the doors as per the feel and style of your space.
  • Simta Clear Coats Pvt Ltd- It is yet another one of India’s largest Simta Clear Coats uPVC bathroom doors and windows profile manufacturers. It offers qualities like premium quality profiles, ROHS lead-free profiles, laminated wood finish profiles, and customized profiles. Moreover, keeping in mind the next generation and energy conservation needs, SIMTA has diversified into the business by manufacturing and supplying uPVC Windows and door profiles.
  • STARLINE- STARLINE uPVC Bathroom Doors entryways and windows offer a-list uPVC doors and windows to its consumers by giving better protection to their bathrooms, kitchens, and houses. The item has an intrinsic capacity to monitor energy all through its lifetime right from its natural substance stage to the being used stage. The energy effectiveness property gives them green and eco-accommodating acknowledgment. STARLINE uPVC doors and windows, especially for bathrooms are accessible in different sizes, shapes, and varieties. Intended to endure the Indian environment, the item consents to overall standards and well-being and quality boundaries.

uPVC bathroom doors provide an affordable, low-maintenance, and customizable door solution perfect for humid bathroom settings. From sliding and swing doors to bi-folds and pivots, there are design options to suit nearly any layout or decor. By selecting quality uPVC doors from reputable brands and ensuring proper installation, homeowners can enjoy exceptional performance with these waterproof bathroom doors. With routine cleaning and minor upkeep, uPVC retains its luster for decades. So if you’re renovating your bathroom, uPVC doors make for a sensible and stylish choice.


Q-1. What is the price range of the uPVC Bathroom Door?

A-1. uPVC bathroom door price for a 5-10mm door can cost Rs. 700 per sq ft on average. However, it might vary depending on different factors.

Q-2. Why is it important to install uPVC doors in the bathroom?

A-2. Bathrooms are the most common areas of moisture and humid spaces. uPVC is ideal because won't swell, warp, or degrade, ensuring a longer lifespan for your bathroom doors.

Q-3. Is a uPVC bathroom door waterproof?

A-3. uPVC can go very well for bathrooms because of the key feature of being waterproof in nature.

Q-4. Does an uPVC bathroom door require a lot of maintenance?

A-4. Unlike wooden doors that require regular sanding, painting, or sealing, uPVC is quite a low-maintenance door material.

Q-5. What styles are available for uPVC bathroom doors?

A-5. Depending on your style, you can go for sliding doors, casement doors, slide and fold doors, lift & slide doors, and other designer uPVC doors.

Q-6. Is it possible to install an uPVC bathroom door on your own?

A-6. Yes! You can. You would require to drill holes, bend the frame to your requirements, and screw it tight.