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Laminated Moulded Panel Door by Durian

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By : Durian Industries Ltd

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Moulded Panel Doors by Durian

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By : Durian Industries Ltd

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Our polished panel doors come with all the advantages of HDF.. Read More..

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By : Durian Industries Ltd

Mumbai, Maharashtra

FRP Doors by Astral Windoors

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By : Astral Windoors Pvt Ltd

Bangalore, Karnataka

FRP Door 2 PA by Gujcon

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FRP Door 2 PH by Gujcon

Gujcon FRP doors are specially coated with general polyester.. Read More..

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FRP Door 4 PA by Gujcon

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FRP Door 6PT by Gujcon

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FRP Door 7 PM by Gujcon

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Fire Rated Doors by Engineer Ply

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Noida, Uttar Pradesh


FRP Doors by Future Fabtech

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By : Future Fabtech

Kochi, Kerala

FRP Doors by 7Star

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By : 7Star

Nagpur, Maharashtra


Best FRP Doors

FRP doors are made entirely of polymers and do not include any organic materials. Polymers are unique plastics that connect with incredible strength, and this door incorporates FRP infusion, making it much more durable than typical ones. Their designs are made using a unique pressure molding technology, which results in a smooth and void-free surface. Because this entrance is made of plastic, it can survive extreme weather conditions without rusting or causing environmental harm. This is a lightweight yet durable material and for that reason, it is used widely in the aerospace and construction sectors. 

FRP Flush doors are very customizable and do not require extensive painting. Because of this production technique, the passageways have a very long lifespan and are resistant to acids and disinfectants. They have a good withstanding capacity because they don't have hollow interiors most of the time. This entryway's plastic also protects it against pesky bugs and insects that can nest inside wooden or open metal entrances. Cleaning FRP toilet doors is also much easier, as you will simply wipe the surface with a clean cloth to bring the aesthetic value back to life. Also, the FRP door price is quite less as compared to metal or timber ones. These doors come in a variety of styles and types which you can choose as per your requirements and needs. 

A comprehensive study of FRP doors for bathroom types 

The design of your home's entryways is an important aspect. It is also critical to choose the right sort of gate since different locations require different patterns and designing. All of the types have similar functions but different in looks and aesthetic value. Let's have a look at its types:

  • Single Panel: These single panel swinging passages include smooth, durable panels, polished edges, and reinforced hardware positions. They are intended to appear good while also performing well in tough, damp, or corrosive situations.
  • Two Panel: This is interesting but simple, as the two panels provide a little flare to an otherwise simple design. The two panels provide elegance and a pleasing look. This model also has Fiberglass construction, which outlasts all wood-based competitors.
  • Three Panel: The 3 vision panel is ultra-clean and designer entryway. Because of its originality and current appearance, the three mould style makes it appear to be a premium panel. These panels' contemporary style are appropriate for both modern and classic interiors and exteriors.
  • Four Panel: The 4-Panel gate combines classic design with cutting-edge technology. The body is made of long-lasting fibreglass technology that will not warp with the changing of the seasons. It has a sleek and sophisticated appearance.
  • Glass Panel: They are made of a single glass panel or many glass panes, like French gates, to enable lots of natural light to enter the interiors. In the home's decor, these frames seem fairly sophisticated and exquisite. It is commonly used in patios and gardens where light can readily enter through.

Understand the best Features of FRP door for toilet

These products are extremely adaptable and do not include any organic material. As a result, they are suited for challenging areas where entryway performance and hygiene are essential. Apart from these points, they offer fire-resistance, heat-resistance and moisture-resistance which makes it even better than other materials. Discover its astonishing features:

  • Easy Installation: One of the numerous advantages of these products is their ease of installation. This is because the shutter and frame made from this material are very light in weight and also easy to install. Their installation is easier than wooden, marble, brick, or Ferro cement gates. 
  • Cost-Effective: The panel is almost maintenance-free and will never need to be repainted. Because of their length and trouble-free lifestyle, they are inherently favorable to the environment. As a result, it makes FRP doors cost-effective.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: They come in a range of colors, polishes, and finishes, such as wood grain, matte, glossy, and laminated. They are also complemented with glass panels and metal equipment, making them even more aesthetically beautiful.
  • Lightweight: It is a structure composed of two relatively high-strength face sheets (Glass Fibre Polymers composites) joined by liquid adhesive to a lightweight core, resulting in a stiff, strong, yet light-weight structure.

Take a peek at the Advantages of FRP bathroom doors  

When compared to steel entrances, they endure damage significantly better without causing much harm. Also since the material is quite durable and versatile, it offers a list of essential benefits which makes them stand out among other types of passageways. Continue reading to find out its amazing advantages:

  • Moisture-Resistant: Unlike wood, it is not harmed by moisture, even in extremely humid conditions. Humidity in tropical areas usually wreaks havoc on outside wooden entryways and for that reason, they require a lot of upkeep. This material requires less upkeep than wood or other materials. 
  • Longer Life: When exposed to fresh or saltwater, it will not corrode like hollow metals such as steel or aluminum. Chemicals can tarnish stainless steel and aluminum, but they typically do not damage FRP, giving it a longer life cycle than metal, wood, or any other types of gates and windows.
  • Bacterial Resistant: Because the material of this panel is seamless in construction, there are no gaps in which bacteria and germs may thrive. They are also mold resistant. The benefit of these doors is that they are non-porous and are not susceptible to damage from bacteria and other microbes. 
  • Impact Resistance: FRP does not distort or shatter when struck. When these entryways are hit, the impact is distributed by an inside glass mat, reducing surface damage, and this is why they are frequently employed in the military, airforce, and other constructions that are expected to have high damage.

List of well-known Manufacturers of FRP doors

Because there are so many various brands of entrances, you may be unsure which one to choose. As a result, we've developed a list of the best brands to rely on when purchasing these passageways:

  • Durian Industries Ltd: With over four decades of expertise in the business, it is one of India's top providers of interior and exterior surface solutions. They supply all home solutions to craft clients' everyday environments, from veneer to plywood, home furniture to office furniture.
  • Astral Windoors Pvt Ltd: They are experts in trading steel, steel fire-rated, and wooden fire-rated gates. They feature a collection of vintage finishes that are unique and well-received in the interior design and home renovation markets. Their products are known for longevity and durability. 
  • Durofenster: Their products are unrivaled in terms of quality, technical innovation, and excellent design, providing you with all of the advantages of contemporary UPVC panels and windows, such as reduced maintenance, increased security, energy efficiency, and low cost. They are well-known for their after sale services as well. 
  • Gujcon: They supply the most recent modern designer entryways at wholesale prices in India in a variety of styles such as eco green, flush, veneer, membrane, FRP, Molded, Fire Rated, and so on, which are employed in house and offices for interior & exterior purposes. Their immense knowledge and experience in this sector makes them outstanding. 
  • Future Fabtech: They provide high-quality home improvement and renovation items. They are well-known for their on-time delivery, low prices, competent and efficient crew, efficient logistic facilities, and extensive industry expertise. The designing and core material of their products is what makes them customers favorite.  

Buy the best quality FRP Doors at McCoy Mart 

McCoy Mart is an online store with a diverse selection of products and brands. Aside from that, it provides authentic items at reasonable prices. You may get customised search results by altering the parameters. Check the characteristics, learn about the pricing, and compare it to other brands before making your purchase. Similarly, both the browser and the app may be used to make purchases. If you have a pro account, you will be able to save a lot more rewards and offers.

FRP Doors Price List online at McCoy Mart

Types of FRP Doors

Estimated Price

Rooffit Standard FRP Door

Range. Rs. 50/ Square Meter - Rs. 1,450/ Square Meter

SanCom Composites Standard FRP Door

Range. Rs. 55/ Square Feet - Rs. 350/ Square Feet

FODOF Standard Designer FRP Doors

Range. Rs. 70/ Square Feet - Rs. 250/ Square Feet

Black FRP Bathroom Door, Size/Dimension: 2.5x6ft

Range. Rs. 60/ Square Feet - Rs. 250/ Square Feet

Standard Indoor FRP DOOR, For Home

Range. Rs. 55/ Square Feet - Rs. 205/ Square Feet

Swing and hinged FRP doors

Range. Rs. 80/ Square Feet - Rs. 500/ Square Feet

Interior Bedroom FRP Door

Range. Rs. 1500/ Piece - Rs. 4,000/ Piece