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TORMAX Hermetic Automatic Door by Tormax Automatic

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By : Tormax Automatic

Northfield, Minnesota

Automatic Folding Doors by Tormaz Automatic

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By : Tormax Automatic

Northfield, Minnesota

Automatic Swing Main Gate by Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd

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By : Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Automatic Swing Door by Smartpower House

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By : Smartpower House

Kolkata, West Bengal

Automatic Swing Main Gates by Hercules Automation

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Bangalore, Karnataka

Automatic sliding door by GEZE india

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By : GEZE India Private Ltd.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Automatic Doors by GEZE India

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By : GEZE India Private Ltd.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Price 145000/Unit
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Pune, Maharashtra


Techno Systems designs,manufactures and execute perimeter do.. Read More..

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Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Automatic Doors by NHN TYRO INDIA

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Mumbai, Maharashtra

Automatic Doors by J.K.Toughened Glass

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Best Automatic Doors

The automatic door is an electronically operating entryway that opens and closes when the door controller gets an activation signal from the sensor and activates the gear motor to drive the belt and pulley. When no one is identified inside the activation region, the entrance begins to close after a certain amount of time. Automatic sliding glass door greet guests, direct traffic, and maintain internal climatic zones. An automatic passageway operator is a collection of driving devices and controls that open and close the door. It has parts such as a gear motor and a controller. During door repair, the power to the entrance operator may be conveniently switched on and off. Activation sensors deliver a signal to the entrance operator to activate the opening and shutting of the entry.

Automatic doors for home serve a variety of functions, which is why they may be found in a wide range of settings. Automatic garage door make it simpler for people to enter and exit facilities, from supermarkets to airports and other huge structures. They are especially beneficial to those with disabilities. These products serve as welcoming and accessible entrances at supermarkets, hotels, and auto dealerships, as well as public offices and hospitals. They are also perfect for multifamily dwellings and commercial establishments that only need to provide admission to authorised personnel and are managed by cloud-based access control systems or smart video intercoms. For both fire and safety laws, most multifamily and commercial buildings require an entry control system or video intercom. Furthermore, access control systems and intelligent video intercoms enhance the resident experience. They can also be upgraded at a low cost.

Have a look at the Different Types of Automatic Doors

The sensor present in these entryways signals the opening mechanism as soon as it detects that someone needs to enter the building. Their opening mechanism is powered by an electric motor that opens the gate according to the type of passageway. The best passageway for your building is determined by the sort of foot activity on your property as well as the available space. Let's take a look at the types available on the market: 

  • Automatic sliding doors: They are available in a number of forms and combinations, with single or bi-parting apertures. They are safe and simple to operate, and may be used for any entry, from basic opening and shutting to establishing a hermetic seal. These are usually installed in malls and building entries where a wider entry is required. 
  • Automatic Swing Door: They take up the least amount of space while having the greatest opening breadth. The operators are appropriate for both new installations and retrofits, and manual opening is simple if convenience or safety are required. They are usually installed in bungalows and offices where not much traffic is there. 
  • Automatic Revolving Door: They are great when temperature control is a top issue. These products direct traffic flow while offering improved separation of internal and external spaces and are available in two, three, and four-wing configurations. They are usually installed in corporate offices and business parks as they have a very sleek and high-end look. 
  • Automatic Folding doors: They need little room to install while providing a large amount of clear entry area. This makes this type of passageway a good choice when space is limited. If they are being used as an egress point, they should have emergency swing features. Two or more separate panels are used in these entryways. The first panel swings and the second panel slides in a guide, allowing it to move as both panels swing into the fold, which is a "V" form. 

Comprehensive Look at some of the most amazing Features

Automatic entryways are so common that you simply probably cannot envision a world where you have got to physically open the entryway at the grocery store. Created over the last few decades, these entryways have engaged us to form hands-free passages and exits. They offer touchless access by allowing individuals to pass through it without touching it. Touchless entry is popular among apartment tenants because it eliminates the need to touch high-risk surfaces, making your property safer for everyone. Have a look at the rundown of some of the best fine features:

  • Conserving energy: Installing an electronic gate enables a company to save money in one or more aspects of their lives. They maintain temperature balances that are easily thrown off by anything as easy as simply opening an entryway. Since they open and close on their own the need to air-condition and heat also minimises due to this, leading to energy saving. 
  • Secure Access: The use of these gate functionality can improve a company's security procedures. Depending on the type of gate, it may be possible for security professionals to operate it with a single remote-controlled access. This option gives more control over who enters and exits the premises. Other technology, such as alarm systems, can also be linked.
  • Effective Operation: They are built with advanced technology that manufacturers have chosen to provide efficient performance from each component of the system. Furthermore, their sensing systems provide a plethora of built-in capabilities that allow for additional customization for specific applications.

Take a glance at the astonishing benefits

These gates are required when implementing touchless entry in apartments and commercial buildings with restricted access. It provides tenants, visitors, and building staff with enhanced security, increased convenience and a seamless, hands-free access experience. When correctly chosen, installed and maintained, they give inviting, easy, and safe access that demonstrates to your guests that you care about them. The initial impression is the most enduring, and these passageways might help you make a good one. Read below to learn more about the advantages: 

  • Simple to operate: Pressing handles or turning knobs, pulling or pushing gates, and shutting them after going through can all be aggravating at times. People, in particular, frequently fail to close entrances behind themselves. In many structures, they provide for modern barrier-free exit, and passage.
  • Simple accessibility: For people such as wheelchair users, youngsters, the elderly, or the crippled, opening and shutting a gate is difficult. They provide everyone with easy access to buildings, which is something that is increasingly appreciated. They also have a wider entry providing simplified accessibility. 
  • Reduces physical contact: These entrance systems used in conjunction with radar movement detectors open and close in a fully non-contact manner. This reduces physical contact and helps to prevent the spread of germs and viruses – a sanitary solution that is especially useful in high-traffic areas.
  • Enhances Credibility: As a company, your brand is everything. If your company's goal is to look current, reputable, or professional, an Automatic glass door will only serve to enhance that image. The electronic locking and unlocking mechanism reduces the hassle of manually accessing the entrance which impresses the visitors. 

Here’s the Manufacturer's List of Best Quality Automatic Doors:

Because there are so many different types of entrances, you may be unclear which one to select. Each manufacturer provides unique technologies and advancement characteristics, which might be perplexing to clients. As a consequence, we have compiled a list of the finest manufacturers to rely on when making a purchase:

  • Tormax Automatic: They are the world's top manufacturer of electronic and automated security systems. TORMAX products may be found in office buildings, retail malls, hotels and restaurants, department shops, airports and railway stations, ships, and apartment complexes worldwide – in fact, in hundreds of thousands of structures.
  • Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd: They specialise in developing, producing, and installing customised products that meet the highest safety requirements while also being dependable and energy efficient. All of their items are created and manufactured in Europe with the help of cutting-edge engineering technologies.
  • Smartpower House: The firm specialises in full automation as well as security solutions. They also provide solutions for home automation, window automation, electronic parking solutions, and other similar services to improve their clients' comfort and lifestyle. Their high-tech goods are known in the industry for their cost-effectiveness.

Purchase Automatic Doors from McCoy Mart

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Automatic Doors Price List online at McCoy Mart

Types of Automatic Doors  Estimated Price
Automatic Sliding Door Approx. Rs 45,000/ Piece
Automatic Garage Doors Approx. Rs 45,800/ Unit
Automatic Sensor Door Approx. Rs 45,000/ Set
Automatic Lift Door Approx. Rs 35,000/ Piece
Automatic Revolving Door Approx. Rs 1 Lakh/ Piece
Semi Automatic Door Approx. Rs 49,999/ Piece