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uPVC Window by Lingel

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uPVC Window by Prominance

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uPVC Windows by Sohom

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uPVC Windows by ARBUDA uPVC

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uPVC Windows by Genx Windoors

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uPVC Window by Alpine Upvc Windows & Doors

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uPVC Window by Rehau Polymer Solution

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uPVC Windows by Deceuninck India

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uPVC Window by Window Magic

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UPVC Windows Company in Madurai

Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride or UPVC is the resistant form of regular PVC. Although the latter is generally used for construction and is lightweight, the new UPVC is made without incorporating any plasticizer and hence, the name.

Therefore, the UPVC is actually more rigid than the regular PVCs. Since it is strong in nature; it can act as a substitute for wood too. Owing to the fact that Madurai has a hot climate unevenly distributed throughout the year along with rainfall, the UPVC windows are a great option. The woods are more likely to expand and contract with the change in temperature.

With UPVCs, you receive the highest level of comfort along with durability and longevity. Additionally, these are comparatively cheaper than other window frame materials such as aluminum or wood. Although, the price differs according to the size of the frames, yet you can avail the whole things at an affordable price.

Madurai has a very dry climate and the temperature can rise to as high as 45 degree Celsius during summer. This definitely calls for the installment of something that doesn’t change with temperature and UPVC is a perfect choice. It doesn’t rust or rot or warp even in the harshest climatic conditions.

It also demands lesser maintenance costs. It is made so robust and strong that it also acts as a safety feature for your home. The UPVCs are also made great in providing insulating features. They are known to provide up to 70% insulation of sound.

UPVC Windows Price List sq per ft in Madurai

Types of UPVC Windows in Madurai

Estimated Price

White UPVC Window

Approx. Rs 50 /Square Feet - Rs 350 /Square Feet

UPVC Sliding Window 3 Track 

Approx. Rs 90 /Square Feet - Rs 400 /Square Feet

UPVC Sliding Window

Approx. Rs 140 / Square Feet - Rs 300 / Square Feet 

Wintrack UPVC Sliding Window 

Approx. Rs 160 / Square Feet  - Rs 350/ Square Feet 

UPVC Sliding Window

Approx. Rs 200 / Square Feet - Rs 350 / Square Feet

UPVC 2 Track Sliding Windows

Approx. Rs 175 / Square Feet - Rs 275 / Square Feet

UPVC Sliding Window

Approx. Rs 80 / Square Feet - Rs 180 / Square Feet

Needless to say, they come in some classy designs and are extremely impressive. With all the features mentioned above, UPVC makes up for an ultimate choice for the window frames in your house. Manufactured under rigorous supervision with quality testing, these UPVC windows are absolutely a conscious decision for homes in Madurai.

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